On the following pages you´ll see a small insight into my collections of various throws
and cushions for indoor and outdoor use. Obviously, due to it being only a
Website guide, you´ll not be able to perceive the full extent of my handcrafted products, as a result of their tangible nature.
The haptic aspect is missing, which would have granted you the possibility to feel the high quality of our products.
However, for now, I can give you a little more than a glimpse of the cushions and the meaning that lies in their quality. feeling good at home.
My Grandmother always said: “Young people wear fashion, while old people wear high-quality.”
The same goes for the furnishment of your accommodation. My products are the last item when it comes to home design, but you´ll need it more than you think and you´ll also learn to appreciate it when you have it in daily use.
My online shop is still under development and will come in the next step. In case you have any kind of inquiries, I encourage you to just contact me.
My shop will go online in a few weeks, because after having accompanied various projects,
I’ve now decided to devote myself to the end customer in the hope that you´ll enjoy the products.