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Why cushions?

As a passionate lover of interior design and fine home furnishings, I embarked on a quest to find the perfect cushions and blankets to elevate living spaces. This journey inspired the creation of Martin Gabriel, a brand devoted to crafting opulent and sophisticated cushions and throws.

Collaborating with a talented team, we prioritize handcrafted excellence and select the finest materials from around the world. Our diverse range of indoor and outdoor cushions, carpets and throws cater to various styles, with future plans to introduce modular sofas, all maintaining our commitment to charm, sophistication, and quality.

Our creations bring luxury and warmth to your home. Thank you for choosing Martin Gabriel; follow us on social media to keeping you updated on our latest projects and providing behind-the-scenes content.

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We provide custom tailoring services and designer consulting to meet your expectations of a perfect outdoor space.


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