I especially loved this project, for one thing it was one of my first and for another I love this place. So far up and only accessible by gondola, the best food and the most beautiful surroundings as far as the eye can see. i am really very proud to be able to place my textiles for the outdoor area there and am always happy about the positive feedback i receive. i can also count it among my favourite restaurants when i ski on the gütsch. i plan on skiing but usually tell myself when i get to the top that i’m just going to have a quick look in, and most of the time you do meet someone and are happy to have a sociable round with a fantastic tasting wine, which is available in abundance up there. by the way, we started filming at 8 o’clock in the morning, where my laughter froze while we were filming, and it had to look as if it was wonderfully warm 🙂
wonderful place, great project, Thank you .


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